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Authors: Billings,Harold, Carver,Ira E., Tongate,John, Ploof,Steven,

Title: Remote reference assistance for electronic information resources over networked workstations

Publication Full: Library Hi Tech

Year: 1994 Volume: 12 Issue: 1

Start Page: 77 Other Pages: 86

Descriptors: REFERENCE services (Libraries), TECHNOLOGICAL innovations, CD-ROM (Compact disk-read only memory), Electronic information systems, Ethernet, Information networks,


The University of Texas at Austin General Libraries successfully implemented and tested a prototype system that provides reference assistance to scholars who are accessing networked information resources at locations remote from expert librarians. Librarians were able to intervene directly in information access and retrieval sessions, remotely assisting the user during the real-time, online process. The testbed for the project was a CD-ROM network delivering US government information to DOS workstations via Ethernets connected to a routed TCP/IP wide-area network and utilizing off-the-shelf remote control software.


M3: Article; Billings, Harold; Carver, Ira E.; Source Info: 1994, Vol. 12 Issue 1, p77; Note: Publisher: Emerald; Note: Update Code: 2900; Subject Term: REFERENCE services (Libraries); Subject Term: TECHNOLOGICAL innovations; Author-Supplied Keyword: CD-ROM (Compact disk-read only memory); Author-Supplied Keyword: Electronic information systems; Author-Supplied Keyword: Ethernet; Author-Supplied Keyword: Information networks; Number of Pages: 10p; Illustrations: 1 chart, 1 diagram. Document Type: Article

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