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Authors: Brandt,D. Scott,

Title: Outreach, or, how far do you reach?

Publication Full: Computers in Libraries

Year: 1999 Volume: 19 Issue: 4

Start Page: 31 Other Pages: 33

Descriptors: INTERNET, LIBRARIES, LIBRARIES — Automation, LIBRARIES & readers, LIBRARY extension, LIBRARY outreach programs, PUBLIC relations — Libraries, Information sources,


Argues that the Internet has forced a change in the role librarians play in helping people find information. Says that a new focus is required to help patrons develop both general and specific online searching skills. Suggests that neither librarians nor anyone else can keep up with every new development on the Web, but adds that exploring new search engines and Web sites, and participating in conferences, are viable ways to build both skills and knowledge on a continuous basis. Indicates that librarians need not have an extensive knowledge of a particular subject in order to help patrons learn to formulate queries, develop search strategies, and evaluate search results.


M3: Article; Brandt, D. Scott; Source Info: Apr99, Vol. 19 Issue 4, p31; Note: Publisher: Information Today Inc.; Note: Update Code: 3404; Subject Term: INTERNET; Subject Term: LIBRARIES; Subject Term: LIBRARIES — Automation; Subject Term: LIBRARIES & readers; Subject Term: LIBRARY extension; Subject Term: LIBRARY outreach programs; Subject Term: PUBLIC relations — Libraries; Author-Supplied Keyword: Information sources; Number of Pages: 3p; Illustrations: 1bw. Document Type: Article

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