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Ref Type: Journal Article

Authors: Calzonetti,Jo Ann, deChambeau,Aimee,

Title: Virtual reference: A telecommuting opportunity?

Publication Full: Information Outlook

Year: 2003 Volume: 7 Issue: 10

Start Page: 34 Other Pages: 39

Descriptors: TELECOMMUTING, REFERENCE services (Libraries), SPECIAL librarians,


Describes the provision of reference services by science librarians telecommuting from home using virtual reference (VR) software at the Science and Technology Library at the University of Akron. Objectives of the project; Factors made the use of VR as a substitute for staffing the S&T reference desk a viable option; Technical considerations; Benefits of the program; Factors that make telecommuting possible in the provision reference service in the S&T Library.


M3: Article; Calzonetti, Jo Ann 1; Email Address: jc44@uakron.edu; deChambeau, Aimee 1; Email Address: daimee@uakron.edu; Affiliations: 1: Science and Technology Library, University of Akron Source Info: Oct2003, Vol. 7 Issue 10, p34; Thesaurus Term: TELECOMMUTING; Thesaurus Term: REFERENCE services (Libraries); Thesaurus Term: SPECIAL librarians; Number of Pages: 5p; Illustrations: 3c. Document Type: Article

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