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Authors: Davis,Kate,

Title: Bibliotherapy

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Year: 2007 Volume: 28 Issue: 1

Start Page: 18 Other Pages: 19

Descriptors: INSTANT messaging, INTERNET in library reference services, WEB services, REAL-time data processing, ONLINE chat groups,


The article focuses on the instant messaging (IM) pilot service offered by the AskNow! virtual reference service. IM refers to a form of online real time communication which allows a user to view available contacts online and send messages to them directly. IM uses proprietary chat reference software which enables users to chat with a librarian. The pilot service will continue until the end of February 2007.


M3: Article; Davis, Kate 1; Affiliations: 1: National Library, Australia Source Info: Jan/Feb2007, Vol. 28 Issue 1/2, p18; Thesaurus Term: INSTANT messaging; Thesaurus Term: INTERNET in library reference services; Thesaurus Term: WEB services; Thesaurus Term: REAL-time data processing; Thesaurus Term: ONLINE chat groups; Number of Pages: 2p; Illustrations: 2c. Document Type: Article

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