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Ref Type: Journal Article

Authors: DeHart,David L., Viles,Ann,

Title: Virtual reference service in southeastern academic libraries: a study of availability

Publication Full: The Southeastern Librarian

Year: 2007 Volume: 55 Issue: 1

Start Page: 36 Other Pages: 40

Descriptors: REFERENCE services (Libraries), ACADEMIC libraries — Reference services, ONLINE chat groups, ELECTRONIC mail systems, ASKA services,


The article discusses the virtual reference services in Southeastern academic libraries. This service was first e-mail-based and was launched by the Electronic Access to Reference Services (EARS) at the University of Maryland Health Services Library in 1984, followed by University of Washington, Indiana University and Syracuse University. Communication now include web-based chat & Instant Messaging. However, access to this reference service differs in various institutions.


M3: Article; DeHart, David L. 1; Email Address: dehartdl@appstate.edu; Viles, Ann 2; Email Address: vilesea@appstate.edu; Affiliations: 1: Assistant Professor, Library and Information Commons, Appalachian State University 2: Professor, Library and Information Commons, Appalachian State University Source Info: Spring2007, Vol. 55 Issue 1, p36; Thesaurus Term: REFERENCE services (Libraries); Thesaurus Term: ACADEMIC libraries — Reference services; Thesaurus Term: ONLINE chat groups; Thesaurus Term: ELECTRONIC mail systems; Thesaurus Term: ASKA services; Number of Pages: 5p; Illustrations: 2 charts. Document Type: Article

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