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Authors: Greene,A. Y.,

Title: Providing electronic reference services

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Year: 2002 Volume: NULL Issue: NULL

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Frustrated with trying to provide service in an increasingly Internet-centered world? You are not alone.
Here, ten librarians who are actively embracing the challenge of expanding online services guide you step-by-step in the development and management of innovative, effective, and popular services you can bring to your library. Attracting, Educating, and Serving Remote Users tells you how to attract and educate users while supporting and measuring their use of your remote resources. Chapters include:
> Getting to Know Remote Users
> Presenting the Virtual Library
> Providing Electronic Reference Services
> Maximizing Current Awareness and Document Delivery Services
> Providing Library Instruction for Remote Users
> Integrating Library Resources into Online Instruction
> Supporting the Remote User of Licensed Resources
> Fundraising and Public Relations in the Electronic Environment
Learn how you can better serve the fastest growing segment of users and better position your library for the future.

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Retrieved Date:July 11, 2008

Editors: Curtis,Donnelyn,

Book Title: Attracting, Educating, and Serving Remote Users Through the Web: A How to Do It Manual for Librarians

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Publisher: Neal-Schuman Publishers

Place Of Publication: New York

Issn Isbn: 1555704360