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Ref Type: Journal Article

Authors: Huwe,Terence K.,

Title: Social networking mixes the hip with the proven

Publication Full: Computers in Libraries

Year: 2006 Volume: 26 Issue: 10

Start Page: 31 Other Pages: 33

Descriptors: WEB sites, INSTANT messaging, COMPUTER software, ONLINE social networks, NEW business enterprises,


The article focuses on social networking technology available to libraries. In some settings, virtual reference is quickly morphing from pilot project to standard service and instant messaging aggregators like Meebo and Trillian are playing a time-saving role. Digital convergence played prologue to the current interest in social networking software. Community-building fervor is influencing the perceptions of online life and it is also fueling new business ventures. The nexus between community and digital convergence poses a key question for research universities, which is how, or whether, to implement similar social networking functionalities within research collections despite the casual feel of the new products.


M3: Article; Huwe, Terence K. 1; Email Address: thuwe@library.berkeley.edu; Affiliations: 1: Director of library and information resources, University of California-Berkeley's Institute of Industrial Relations Source Info: Nov/Dec2006, Vol. 26 Issue 10, p31; Thesaurus Term: WEB sites; Thesaurus Term: INSTANT messaging; Thesaurus Term: COMPUTER software; Subject Term: ONLINE social networks; Subject Term: NEW business enterprises; Number of Pages: 3p. Document Type: Article; Full Text Word Count: 1836

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