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Ref Type: Journal Article

Authors: Jackson,Michael Gordon,

Title: A primary knowledge revolution: New demands, new responsibilities for reference librarians and services in the digital age

Publication Full: The Library Quarterly

Year: 2002 Volume: 72 Issue: 1

Start Page: 123 Other Pages: 129

Descriptors: BOOKS — Reviews, DILEVKO, Juris, WHITLATCH, Jo, UNOBTRUSIVE Evaluation of Reference Service & Individual Responsibility (Book), EVALUATING Reference Services (Book),


Reviews the books 'Unobtrusive Evaluation of Reference Service and Individual Responsibility: The Canadian Experience,' by Juris Dilevko and 'Evaluating Reference Services: A Practical Guide,' by Jo Bell Whitlatch.


M3: Book Review; Jackson, Michael Gordon; Source Information: Jan2002, Vol. 72 Issue 1, p123; Subject Term: BOOKS — Reviews; Reviews & Products: UNOBTRUSIVE Evaluation of Reference Service & Individual Responsibility (Book); Reviews & Products: EVALUATING Reference Services (Book); People: DILEVKO, Juris; People: WHITLATCH, Jo; Number of Pages: 6p; Document Type: Book Review

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