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Authors: Janes,Joseph,

Title: Digital reference: Reference librarians' experiences and attitudes

Publication Full: Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology

Year: 2002 Volume: 53 Issue: 7

Start Page: 549 Other Pages: 566

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This article reports the results of a survey of reference librarians in public and academic libraries of various sizes in the United States, asking them about their experiences with and attitudes towards the use of digital and networked technologies and resources in reference work. A total of 648 responded. In general, respondents were positive and optimistic in their outlook, but not unreservedly so. Among the strongest findings was a correlation between recent experience at doing digital reference and positive attitudes towards it, a clear set of opinions about what such services would be best and worst at, and differing perspectives and patterns of responses between academic and public librarians. In addition, questions asking about characteristics of librarians, their current and planned reference services, and some of their professional choices in doing reference work are reported.


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