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Authors: Liu,Mengxiong, Redfern,Bernice,

Title: Information-seeking behavior of multicultural students: A case study at San Jose State University

Publication Full: College & Research Libraries

Year: 1997 Volume: 58 Issue: NULL

Start Page: 348 Other Pages: 354

Descriptors: College and university libraries/Case studies, Use studies/College and university libraries, Information needs/Case studies, Multiculturalism/Case studies, College and university libraries/Services to minorities, Clark Library, Library & Information Science, Education,


A study examined how university students from diverse ethnic groups discover, select, and use information and communication resources. A survey was completed by 237 students on the campus of San Jose State University, where in 1995 so-called minorities made up 50.7 percent of the total student population for the first time. Results revealed that students with English as their primary language were usually more successful in using the library than those for whom English was not their primary language. Findings also indicated that students who used the library more frequently were more successful at locating required information than those who rarely or never used the library. For reasons related to their cultural backgrounds, some Asian students who were unsuccessful in using the library still avoided asking reference questions. Advice for librarians on dealing with cultural diversity is provided.


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