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Authors: MacAdam,Barbara, Gray,Suzanne,

Title: A management model for digital reference services in large institutions

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Year: 2000 Volume: NULL Issue: NULL

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Large, decentralized information organizations face a unique set of challenges in effective management of virtual reference service. Proposed here is a model that is particularly relevant to academic libraries in large research institutions, but extendable to other types of organizations with similar characteristics. The five critical issues examined include: integrating virtual reference service with existing services; allocating fixed resources; acting as an effective advocate to secure organizational support; developing a distributed service model integrating specialized, subject-domain expertise; and targeting and serving disparate segments of the user community. These concepts and strategies will be most useful to managers in information organizations who have responsibility for reference service development and need solutions designed specifically to achieve service goals for virtual reference by working within and across the larger organization.



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Book Title: Facets of Digital Reference Service: The Virtual Reference Desk Second Annual Digital Reference Conference

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