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Ref Type: Journal Article

Authors: McGeachin,Robert B.,

Title: Videoconferencing and remote application sharing for distant reference service

Publication Full: The Reference Librarian

Year: 1999 Volume: 31 Issue: 65

Start Page: 51 Other Pages: 60

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Computer technology has progressed to the point where
desktop videoconferencing with personal computers and remote applica-
tion sharing software can be employed in remote reference library ser-
vice. These technologies can be used to provide personal and effective
distant reference and library instruction services to library users, in addi-
tion to such traditional methods as mail, telephone, and e-mail service.
This article presents scenarios in which videoconferencing and remote
applications sharing software can be used in distant reference service.
Free software discussed includes CU-SeeMe for videoconferencing and
NetMeeting for videoconferencing and remote applications sharing.



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