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Authors: Meloche,Joseph A.,

Title: The importance of digital reference in supporting critical thinking in distance education

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Year: 2000 Volume: NULL Issue: NULL

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This paper will discuss a range of issues relating to digital reference in support of distance education (DE). The development of a tailored digital reference service can be one of the key factors in a successful program of study in DE. This paper examines the increasing emphasis in DE for students to become independent learners with critical thinking skills, and the supporting role of libraries and reference services in that process.
The paper will address the following issues: the enhanced role of reference services in distance education programs and flexible learning initiatives, education for the provision of digital reference, the importance of supporting critical thinking strategies and fostering independent learning, and strategies for increasing cooperative ventures between academics and academic librarians.



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Book Title: Facets of Digital Reference Service: The Virtual Reference Desk Second Annual Digital Reference Conference

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