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Authors: Nicholson,Scott,

Title: A framework for technology selection in a web-based distance eductation environment: Supporting community-building through richer interaction opportunities

Publication Full: Journal of Education for Library and Information Science

Year: 2005 Volume: 46 Issue: 3

Start Page: 217 Other Pages: 233

Descriptors: Education for librarianship/Aims and objectives, Distance education, Electronic discussion groups, Instant messaging (Internet), Information retrieval/Social aspects, Social networks, Education, Library & Information Science,


Librarianship, as a profession, relies upon a strong network of colleagues outside the institution for collaboration. The seeds for this collaborative culture are planted in library school; however, in an online environment the challenges are greater when creating that sense of community. By supporting more ways to allow students, faculty, staff, and alumni to communicate in a distance education environment, the sense of community of the school can be raised. This community building can be done either within the confines of a course (internal) or outside the course structure (external). In both cases, the concept is the same–develop more pathways through a "communication scaffold" that allow individuals who are part of the community of the school to connect. There are three dimensions to consider in developing this scaffold: Synchronous vs. Asynchronous; Facilitated vs. Non-Facilitated; and 1-way vs. 2-way. By being conscious of these choices, those working to improve interaction can try to incorporate different types of experiences in order to encourage a larger group of people to participate. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.


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