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Ref Type: Journal Article

Authors: Peters,Tom,

Title: Auditory options

Publication Full: Library Journal

Year: 2004 Volume: 129 Issue: netConnect Spring

Start Page: 8 Other Pages: 9

Descriptors: Audiovisual materials/Equipment, Computers and the handicapped, Library & Information Science, Education,


Part of a special section on adaptive technology. The writer describes how libraries are adding audio components to their online library systems. He discusses adding audio messages, background music, and other audio components to the library Web site; using audible components in virtual reference services; the InfoEyes experiment, which hopes to provide voice-over-IP-enabled virtual reference services for the print-impaired; audible online discussion groups; using the Web to present local audio content; and audible online meetings. The writer also considers some of the problems that can arise when integrating audio components into the library's online systems and services.


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