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Authors: Silverstein,Joanne, Lankes,R. David,

Title: Digital reference services and centers at the United States Department of Education: Analysis and recommendations

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Year: 1999 Volume: ED 444 600 Issue: NULL

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Descriptors: Department of Education, Digital Technology, Question Answering,


This document reports on the e-mail-based question and answer services (digital reference) that the Department of Education offers to customers. The report is presented in five sections. Section 1, "Introduction," outlines the research goals which were to: analyze current processes, procedures and problems; suggest solutions for optimization of information delivery to customers; provide recommendations for policy; outline software requirements for possible future automation of processes; and suggest training goals for managers and specialists. Section 2, "Methods," describes the three-part approach to the research method: document analysis; in-depth interviews at six digital reference sites; and a poll of digital reference administrators representing ED.gov and related Centers. Section 3, "Results," describes findings from each of the above three data sources, and Section 4, "Issues," consolidates the findings and groups them. Section 5, "Recommendations," contains the research team's recommendations for re-designing and improving ED.gov digital reference Centers. Several appendices provide copies of the instruments and a glossary. (AEF)


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