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Authors: Stormont,Sam,

Title: Interactive reference project: Assessment after two years.

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Year: 2000 Volume: NULL Issue: NULL

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This paper presents a brief history of the Temple University Libraries’ real-time reference service and describes the challenges encountered in launching and maintaining the Interactive Reference Project. The major issues that emerged during the initiative are discussed and include staffing, promotion, technical support and the effectiveness of this mode of service. Technical challenges are also addressed, and a distributed staffing model is described for the TalkNow service. Factors that contribute to success are outlined and include management and staff support and an atmosphere that encourages people to become involved and invested in the service.



Links: http://web.archive.org/web/20070302011824/www.vrd.org/conferences/VRD2000/proceedings/stormont.shtml

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Book Title: Facets of Digital Reference Service: The Virtual Reference Desk Second Annual Digital Reference Conference

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