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Authors: Truelson,Judith A.,

Title: Partnering on virtual reference using QuestionPoint: Guidelines for collaboration between academic libraries in Australia/New Zealand and the US

Publication Full: Australian Academic & Research Libraries

Year: 2004 Volume: 35 Issue: 4

Start Page: 301 Other Pages: 308

Descriptors: International cooperation, College and university libraries/Reference services, Reference services/Automation, QuestionPoint (Web site), Cooperation/College and university libraries, Library & Information Science,


This paper presents guidelines for establishing a QuestionPoint collaborative virtual reference partnership between academic libraries in Australia/New Zealand and the US. These guidelines reflect the practices of the state-of-the-art collaborative QuestionPoint partnership, 'AskASERL' as well as the unofficial standards and guidelines for virtual reference services established by IFLA and NISO. Throughout the paper, the projected benefits of international virtual reference collaboration are weighed against the costs. In conclusion, international collaborative virtual reference partnerships are presumed to be net beneficial and worthy of further study and consideration. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.


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