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Authors: Wisniewski,Jeff, Fichter,Darlene,

Title: Electronic resources won't sell themselves: Marketing tips

Publication Full: Online

Year: 2007 Volume: 31 Issue: 1

Start Page: 54 Other Pages: 57

Descriptors: INFORMATION resources, ONLINE chat groups, INTERNET marketing, MARKETING, INTERNET advertising, VISUAL communication, ELECTRONIC industries,


The article offers some tips on marketing electronic products and services effectively. Look for additional information sources about local user behaviors and attitudes. Chat reference transcripts can provide information into user needs and frustrations and remarks that clearly reflect user's opinions and attitudes. Pick a target by picking a resource that will give the biggest bang for the marketing buck. Create a 12-month marketing calendar assigning a resource or service to a unique period. Do not promote a thing, promote a benefit on convenience and ease of use. In constructing a message, be brief, speak to the rule and be visual with graphics.


M3: Article; Wisniewski, Jeff 1; Email Address: jeffw@pitt.edu; Fichter, Darlene 2; Email Address: richter@lights.ca; Affiliations: 1: Web services librarian, University Library System, University of Pittsburgh 2: President, Northern Lights Internet Solutions, Ltd. Source Info: Jan/Feb2007, Vol. 31 Issue 1, p54; Thesaurus Term: INFORMATION resources; Thesaurus Term: ONLINE chat groups; Subject Term: INTERNET marketing; Subject Term: MARKETING; Subject Term: INTERNET advertising; Subject Term: VISUAL communication; Subject Term: ELECTRONIC industries; Number of Pages: 4p. Document Type: Article; Full Text Word Count: 2392

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