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Authors: Wöhnert,Bodil

Title: The public library’s role in the Danish information society: Demand for new competencies?

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The new Danish act regarding library service has initiated several projects in order to promote the libraries and experience the library staffs in using the internet to communicate with the end users.Most public Danish information is according to the national information policy to be found on the official web sites and there is a tendency to publish online versions in stead of printed.This is a challenge to the reference librarians. In March this year the Interest Group on Reference Work arranged a conference on the future for the reference work when virtual tools take over. In Denmark we expect that the public library will continue to be a local centre for culture and knowledge where people also get together. But there is no doubt that the virtual library will be a matter especially for reference work.


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Retrieved Date:April 9, 2008


Book Title: 67th IFLA Council and General Conference

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