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Authors: Woollett,Melanie,

Title: Towards a virtual reference service

Publication Full: ALIA Quill 101

Year: 2001 Volume: 4 Issue: NULL

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With the emergence and evolution of new communication and information technologies, reference librarians could be forgiven for questioning the future of their profession. 'Intelligent' software agents, natural language search engines and online, chat-room style reference desks all seem to encroach upon the traditional territory of the reference librarian. Ann Lipow's seminar on establishing a virtual reference desk, which I attended in early May, offered some vision for the future of reference librarianship and endeavoured to show librarians ways in which they could change their own services in order to better compete with these new information technologies.



Links: http://www.alia.org.au/groups/quill/issues/2001.4/woollett.html

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