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Authors: Barnes,Susan J.,

Title: The electronic library and public services

Publication Full: Library Hi Tech

Year: 1994 Volume: 12 Issue: 3

Start Page: 44 Other Pages: 62

Descriptors: ACADEMIC libraries, LIBRARIES — Automation, CORNELL University (Ithaca, N.Y.). — Albert R. Mann Library, NEW York (State), ITHACA (N.Y.), Electronic libraries, Library services,


The Albert R. Mann Library at Cornell University has created a working electronic library and has made significant changes in services and staff responsibilities to address users' evolving needs. This article presents an overview of these changes, after discussing the development of electronic libraries at Mann and elsewhere. The increased usage that Mann's collections have received as the electronic library has been developed is also described.


M3: Article; Barnes, Susan J.; Source Info: 1994, Vol. 12 Issue 3, p44; Note: Publisher: Emerald; Note: Update Code: 2900; Subject Term: ACADEMIC libraries; Subject Term: LIBRARIES — Automation; Subject Term: CORNELL University (Ithaca, N.Y.). — Albert R. Mann Library; Subject Term: NEW York (State); Subject Term: ITHACA (N.Y.); Author-Supplied Keyword: Electronic libraries; Author-Supplied Keyword: Library services; Number of Pages: 15p; Illustrations: 5 graphs. Document Type: Article

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