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Authors: Ovadia,Steven,

Title: Real-time chat reference and the importance of text- chat

Publication Full: The Reference Librarian

Year: 2003 Volume: 38 Issue: 79

Start Page: 157 Other Pages: 161

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One of real-time chat reference's strengths is the options it gives the librarian in terms of answering questions. Librarians can use text chat, send over a Web page (push pages), or let a patron watch them work over their computers. Options come with a price, though–transaction speed. While most librarians work from a speedy connection, patrons chatting with them are probably using slower dial-up connections. Chat software features are expanding quicker than most patrons can handle, so now it's time to focus on how to best serve the most patrons, instead of inadvertently catering to a select group of technologically savvy patrons with fast computers. Text chat is an excellent way to make sure the most patrons get the best results from real-time reference chats. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]



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