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Ref Type: Journal Article

Authors: West,Jessamyn,

Title: The librarian is in, and online!

Publication Full: Computers in Libraries

Year: 2003 Volume: 23 Issue: 9

Start Page: 14 Other Pages: 17

Descriptors: LIBRARIANS, INFORMATION services, INFORMATION retrieval, INFORMATION science, INFORMATION professionals,


Examines the differences between librarians and fee-based online question-answering services. Flaws of Google answers; Resources that answering services have; Fees charged by answering services.


M3: Article; Accession Number: 10904593; Source Information: Oct2003, Vol. 23 Issue 9, p14; Subject Term: LIBRARIANS; Subject Term: INFORMATION services; Subject Term: INFORMATION retrieval; Subject Term: INFORMATION science; Subject Term: INFORMATION professionals; Number of Pages: 4p; Illustrations: 1 color; Document Type: Article; Full Text Word Count: 2698

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